When you hire us to provide objective investment advice, we follow a strict discipline to ensure that you invest in the products that are best suited to help you reach your goals. We will advise you on:

  • Asset allocation – proportion to cash, bonds, stocks, real estate, precious metals and alternative investments
  • Investment selection – which mutual fund, ETF, stocks, bonds or other investments to choose
    • This will include proper diversification
  • Tax optimization – which account to hold each investment within to minimize tax costs
  • Cost minimization – many investments have on-going, built-in fees
    • We will disclose all fees and that you are getting value for money

We will provide a list of recommended trades that will ensure that your investments are best suited to your risk tolerance, most likely to grow toward your goals, lowest reasonable cost and in the best account to minimize taxation. We will recommend investments that can be purchased through your existing bank or financial institution and you will be responsible for placing the trades; we can work with you if you need. We recommend that you review your investments quarterly, and no less than annually.

The cost to create an investment portfolio depends upon your needs. You may select only certain modules, however we always recommend a comprehensive portfolio. We will be happy to conduct an annual investment review for a fee.

We can also produce investment research at an hourly rate. This is particularly helpful if you are considering a new or unfamiliar investment. This will include:

  • Short-term and long-term outlook
  • Risk rating
  • Morningstar research reports, when available

Contact us to request a free, one-hour consultation.