When you hire us to write a financial plan, you will receive a document that includes:

  • Personal Financial Statements, clearly showing your current situation
  • Advice to minimize and pay off debt, including a mortgage
    • This includes short-term cash needs
  • A savings plan, with the amount needed to reach your retirement or other goals
    • This includes RRSP, TFSA, RESP and other savings accounts
  • Financial projections, showing the most likely future values of your accounts
    • This includes amounts for specific goals and retirement spending
  • Insurance needs analysis, if any
  • Advice related to your will and estate

It will include a list of recommended tasks and actions that will ensure that your financial affairs are in order. The document is your to keep. We recommend that you review it frequently, no less than annually. Based on your needs, we will make referrals to insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, accountants and lawyers.

The cost to create a financial plan depends upon your needs. You may select only certain modules, however we always recommend a comprehensive plan. We will be happy to conduct an annual financial plan review for a fee.

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