Initial consultation, up to one hour: Free

Cost Minimization Personalized Portfolio Annual Investment Management
  • Help set up accounts, if required
  • Suggest low-cost ETFs to replace high-cost mutual funds
  • Clearly indicate all transactions required
  • Ensure transactions were correctly completed
  • Understand you risk tolerance and objectives
  • Suggest low-cost ETFs that will meet your needs
  • Ensure investments are in the best account (RRSP, TFSA, pension, etc.)
  • Recommendations to reduce tax costs
  • Personalized portfolio
  • Reviewed as often as required, at least yearly
  • Yearly update of risk tolerance and objectives
  • Report on costs and investment returns
$300 $750 $2000

Hourly rate: $150. This is most suitable either for setting up a savings and investment plan for those just beginning to plan for retirement, or for investment research for experienced investors.

Note: I am not licensed to received commissions of any kind. I advise clients to use the most suitable investment products offered by their existing bank or financial institution. If your financial institution can’t meet your needs, I’ll advise you on choosing one that will.

Note: Fees paid to investment counsel for investment advice are tax-deductible. Fees paid for financial planning are not.