The companies with the highest momentum ranking in my model are still MG and VRX, followed by insurers MFC and SLF.Ā Financials appear to be coming into favour. It makes sense, given recent steepening of the yield curve. Besides SLF and MFC, POW is showing strong momentum. Behind them come the banks, especially TD and RY. Ahead of the banks, however, is Tim Hortons (THI), which might merit a closer look.

Apple (AAPL) is a company that I’ve bought and sold a couple times recently. I keep trying to catch it after it drops, hoping it will rebound and pay off handsomely. I’ll tell you when I sell it, because it always seems to rebound after I’ve sold. I’m joking, but it hasn’t done very well for me. But I also realize that I’ve never applied my momentum measurement to it. I’ve always tried trading by intuition (which doesn’t work). AAPL is looking a little better than in the past, showing momentum that is barely positive. I’ll keep owning it for a little while, possibly through the end of the year, but I look forward to selling it and buying based only on momentum.

No Turnover in my Momentum Model

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