I’m approaching (not quickly enough) the end of my three year contract with my mobile phone provider. I have nothing against this particular company, but I hate the fact that I’m tied in to a set bill for 36 months. Even though my bill, at $60, is pretty affordable for virtually unlimited data and limited minutes (which I never use up), I hate paying for something that I don’t use consistently. It’s a choice I made in order to buy an iPhone (which is more expensive to buy outright). When I reach the end of my contract, I’m certainly not planning to renew.

If I were in the US, I could easily find all the information I might need at: http://www.no-contract-plans.com. Sage Harman has collected information on plans, providers and plans that allow users to remain in control by avoiding long-term contracts.

I only wish Canadian telecoms were more friendly to people to want to avoid contracts. A pay-as-you-go option sometimes makes sense, but I also think there should be reduced rate plans for those who don’t get a “free” phone from the service provider. Bundling induces opacity which doesn’t serve the consumer. When August comes and I’m finally free of my contract, I’ll write again about the options I find and what I eventually choose.

No contract mobile phone plans

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