Rogers is a Canadian media company. They own cable TV, magazines, mobile phone service and the Toronto Blue Jays. (I had no idea they owned a baseball team.) The company doesn’t appear particularly cheap. The current P/E is 15, a little above the five year average. It’s heavy on debt, which is normal for a company that requires such a large investment in infrastructure. Institutional ownership is 81% and analysts agree it’s either a buy or a hold. The dividend yield is 3.45%, which isn’t bad.

The shares have grown mostly consistently over the past year. The performance has been: 5.6% over the past month, 12.7% over three months, 23.7% over six months and 31.1% over the past year. That strong performance puts the above metrics into context and a more favourable light.

Looking back, Magna (MG) is basically flat since I wrote about it a week ago, and Valeant (VRX) is up 2.36% since I wrote about it two weeks ago (although all the growth came in week 1, while it slid back over week 2).

Rogers Communication (RCI.B)

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