The starting point is to realize that something needs to change. If things in your financial life really aren’t that bad, you’re unlikely to be motivated to take action. Taking action is almost certainly less comfortable than continuing with the way things have always been.

It usually takes a crisis of some sort for people to resolve to make a serious change. It might be the fridge breaking at the end of the month when there’s already no cash, or it might be a major repair to a car. If a person is lucky, they will experience a crisis second-hand, by seeing a friend or relative get stuck financially, maybe under a debt they just can’t possibly manage.

As long as everything’s ticking along fine, we just assume that everything will always be fine. Losing a job, getting sick and unable to work or contracting a debt that seems like a good idea at the time (but is untenable) is something that happens to others, not us. But if a person is wise, they will prepare for these eventualities, no matter how unlikely they seem.


Starting Point

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