Spending money is often used to solve problems. That’s not to say that spending money is the only way to solve problems, but it’s often the easiest way. I don’t want to maintain my own car, so I spend money for someone else to do it. I spend money to buy my clothes. I can also spend money to get prepared food, to clean my house and to wash my clothes.

What each person is willing to spend money on is a reflection of what they are and are not willing to take direct responsibility for. That’s a personal preference, and there’s no right and wrong answer. But I feel that people who spend more money actually take less responsibility for things in their lives.

Part of the reason is that off-the-shelf solutions that are purchased tend to be generic. For a low price, all we can afford is a “one size fits all” approach to food, cleaning or maintenance. Generally, that’s not a problem.

Where I see an issue is when it comes to paying for professional care and advice. I see it in legal advice, financial advice and life coaching. When you want personalized advice and custom solutions, don’t be surprised to have to pay for it. The alternative is to develop the understanding and experience in the field yourself. That’s not impossible, but it’s a serious responsibility.

Spending to solve problems

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